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7 Apps You Should Really Get Your Hands On If You Live Alone

Apps are the fruits of cutting edge ideas and technology, and like machines, they have made the nitty-gritties of our lives a lot easier.
While many of us live alone, these apps come in handy in several aspects of our lives.
1. Buddhify
We most often forget how important meditation is for our lives and those of us who live alone enjoy the solace of alone time once in a while. Buddhify allows users to meditate with guidance depending on their categorical mood, ranging from stressed out to relaxed, which is great, unless you’re too stressed to make a decision. Extremely comprehensive, with so many meditation possibilities that could be used regularly for months, it’s genuinely instructive, soothing, and also beautiful to look at.
Available on App Store and Google Play

2. SimSimi
If you had a Tamagotchi or a Gameboy as a kid you will probably get what this app is for. Designed for those who need someone to talk to when they are all alone or bored, SimSimi is an avatar that is similar to a chat room where users can have a realistic conversation. Whether it’s a meaningful conversation or playing a little game together, the app makes for great time pass.
Available on App Store and Google Play

3. BackTalk 2
Similar to SimSimi, this app features a 3D animated character that has full on conversations blurting out jokes and displaying hilarious emotions.
This app is recommended for the super lonely who are probably more comfortable staying that way. Downloading the full version of the app costs INR 135.
Available on Google Play

4. HUG
This app allows users to send hugs to friends and family. How can a phone hug you? It doesn’t. The phone will vibrate when you place it on your chest. It is similar to the heartbeat of another person when they hug you.
Add some friends on the app and send them hugs in order to receive them, even if it sounds super cheesy. If you don’t have any friends to add you can just turn on the vibration tests on your phone and place it on your chest.
Available on App Store

5. Cloak
Living alone might also mean that you are trying embrace your loner status. Cloak looks up your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media feeds to show you where all your contacts are so you can avoid them. This app will definitely help you reach solitude.
Available on App Store

6. Smartspends
A great way to keep your spendthrift nature in check, this app keeps a tab on your bank balance, your credit card bills and offers timely reminders for payments that are due. Say goodbye to that little account book where you jot expenditures.
Available on Google Play

7. Lonely
Let’s just call it Tinder for lonely people. Users can gain access to messages from people around the world and near them, who might be feeling lonely. The next step is to integrate a private chat.

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