The World’s First Brain-Driven Car Chinese engineers have developed the first mind-controlled car.

The Supermarket Of The Future This is what Japan’s supermarket of the future looks like.

Amazing Lopifit Treadmill Bike Is A Perfect Innovation

Bruin Bergmeester presents his Lopifit electrical supported treadmill bike in the village of Valthe on August 29, 2014 near Emmen, Netherlands. The 51-year-old inventor...

Giant Interactive Flower Lights Bloom When People Approach

“Warde” is an urban installation by HQ Architects, located in Vallero Square, in the heart of Jerusalem, positioned at the entry of the main...

The Folding Glass Walls Are Just Amazing A new product breakthrough that allows folding glass door panels to fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of and...

Meet The Hydro-Hammock This is better than just a hammock.

China’s First Cycleway in Air Starts Trial Operation

Spring is coming, how about hopping on a bike ride in the air? Xiamen city in east China's Fujian province has opened a bicycle path...

Robotic Prosthetic Legs Is A Revolution Robotic prosthetics which replace and even improve human limbs.

Google’s New Robot Handles The Tasks Well

Google-owned robotics company Boston Dynamics has released official footage of its first wheeled creation, dubbed Handle because of its ability manipulate objects.

This Font Evolves As You Type, And It’s Just Too Gorgeous

This is Futuracha Pro, a unique set of whimsical, weaving characters that change shape and interact as they form different words, and it’s almost...