The 26 Most Innovative Digital Gadgets That Might Change Your Life

26. Adidas Smart BallSart Ball is a football with an unified sensor that detects speed, spin, flight path and impact point. Kick data is...

Meet Sophia, The Humanoid Robot

The ‘Airing’ Micro Cap Can Help Prevent Snoring

Airing is a breakthrough technology made to help treat sleep apnea.

The New 360 Camera Totally Changes The Game

The Most Surprisingly Hidden Places

Lots Of Hidden Places! Secret Stairs Storage If you’re needing creative ways to enter various rooms, we’ve found a unique way to do it. This house...

The New zSpace For Education New zSpace for Education. See this amazing technology.

The World’s First Brain-Driven Car engineers have developed the first mind-controlled car.

The Supermarket Of The Future This is what Japan’s supermarket of the future looks like.

Amazing Lopifit Treadmill Bike Is A Perfect Innovation

Bruin Bergmeester presents his Lopifit electrical supported treadmill bike in the village of Valthe on August 29, 2014 near Emmen, Netherlands. The 51-year-old inventor...

Giant Interactive Flower Lights Bloom When People Approach

“Warde” is an urban installation by HQ Architects, located in Vallero Square, in the heart of Jerusalem, positioned at the entry of the main...