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HP Veer – Smallest Smartphone Ever


The HP Veer is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 which is a system-on-a-chip made by Qualcomm based on a 45 nanometer CMOS process. The Veer’s own Snapdragon is composed, principally, of the Scorpion CPU, running at 800Mhz, an Adreno 205 GPU, a digital signal processor for cellular transmission/reception/processing (GSM, UMTS), gpsOne GPS module and an audio subsystem.
The Scorpion core implements the ARMv7 architecture which is similar to the ARM Cortex-A8 and supports the ARM NEON instruction set extensions and VFPv3 floating-point extensions (both referred as the “VeNum” media processing engine on Scorpion)[9] which can accelerate, for example, image processing (camera). The main purpose of the VeNum engine is to boost the performance of the Scorpion CPU during multimedia processing resulting in power saving. The same task will be completed faster and with less power being consumed on a processor with VeNum media processing engine than one without.

The Adreno 205 GPU supports OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL ES 1.1, OpenVG 1.1, EGL 1.3, Direct3D Mobile, SVGT 1.2 and DirectDraw.

Screen and input
The HP Veer has a 66 mm (2.6 inch) capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 400 pixel. The touchscreen is designed for a bare finger, or multiple fingers for multi-touch sensing. An accelerometer allows the orientation of the screen to change between portrait and landscape mode. There is a proximity sensor which deactivates the display and touchscreen when the device is brought near the face during a call.

There is a slide-out 4-row QWERTY keyboard.

The microphone is located on the slide-out keyboard.

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