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Jackie Chan’s New $20 Million Legacy 500 Business Jet In China

The martial arts fame and actor Jackie Chan received the first Embraer Legacy 500 in China. It is the latest offering from Brazil’s Embraer Aerospace. Chan became the brand ambassador in China in 2012 when he took delivery of an Embraer Legacy 650.

Embraer is one of the largest airplane makers in the world which produces business, commercial, private and military aircrafts. Embraers Legacy 500 is the first of the midsize business model with a catalog price of $20 million to be delivered in China. It can carry as many as 12 passengers but mostly the legacy 500 Cabin features eight club seat that convert to four beds. It is powered by a pair of Honeywell HTF75000E turbofan engines. It can reach a maximum speed of 0.83 times the speed of sound and can fly at 45,000 feet.
The interior is so admirable and customizable with wood decor. It has both relaxing low contrast beige tone look and striking high contrast black and white schemes. It has flat floor design, wet galley and bathroom. The materials used are the finest with individual touch screens controllers. Legacy 500 also features 19 inch HD entertainment system and full Wi-Fi Connectivity. Instead of the traditional control yokes in the upfront, Legacy 500 features a full glass cockpit with headup displays so as to afford more space and clear view for the pilots. The Legacy 500 was first certified in Brazil in August 2014 and achieved type certificate validation in China in July 2015.

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