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The Top 10 Android Apps You Should Download This September

3. Crowdsource

As the name suggests, Crowdsource is an app made by Google that asks users to translate and transcript images or text. Simple and to-the-point, the app initially asks you the languages you are fluent in. It then provides you more options in a sub-category. Once it’s done taking in the details, you are presented with 5 different sections which allow you to translate or transcribe. Go on, help a brother out. Which in this case, is Google.
4. Duo

Google’s new video calling app which does not really live up to the expectations but is impressive nonetheless. It’s the most basic and perhaps even most reliable video calling app you’ll find out there currently. All you need is a phone number and you’ll be able to call anyone who has Duo installed. The video call quality is not quite up there yet in India as far as stability is concerned, but unlike Skype and Facebook call, it makes sure that the calls don’t drop. We love that. The standout Knock Knock feature, however, yeah, is stupid.

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