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The Top 10 Android Apps You Should Download This September

In the latest edition of our Android apps, we have something for everyone- the antisocial, the music lover, the football fan, even something for those who love free stuff! Kidding, everyone likes free stuff. These are the top 10 apps of 2016 for the month of September!
1. Pokemon Go

The number of articles documenting the hysteria around this game might have gone down but the demand for this location-based augmented reality game hasn’t. All this and the game hasn’t even been launched officially in India. Is there a hack around it? Of course, there is. Awesome for teenagers, people going through a mid-life crisis, and of course, those who prefer cartoons over humans.
2. Cine Browser

Watching videos on a mobile browser can be a real pain. Not YouTube, talking specifically about video-heavy websites here. You know, the ones that make your phone’s browser crash?Cine Browser is made especially for those websites. It lets you play videos in a seamless floating window, and like YouTube, you can also browse while watching a video at the same time. Give it a shot.

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