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10 Little-Known Features Of The Most Popular Web-Services


8. Audiobooks and non-music tracks on Spotify

One of the lesser-known features of Spotify – audiobooks. The audio library may not be as huge as on Audible, but it does include an impressive collection of classic literature, hilarious comedy bits, and helpful educational material. Open your Spotify, go to Browse > Genres & Moods and click on the Word playlist down at the bottom. You’ll see dozens if not hundreds of playlists curated by Spotify. While you’re at it, you can click “All subgenres” button to narrow down your search.

7. Track any flight in Google

Google has a crapload of cool tricks up its seemingly infinite sleeves, but this one is especially useful. Search for your airline and the flight number to get instant and up-to-date info on the arrival and departure times right off the bat. Now you don’t have to worry about being late to meet your friends/family at the airport.

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