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The Truth Behind Misleading Phone Charging Myths

Myth: Don’t use your phone while it charges.
Truth: Using the phone while it’s plugged in to the charger will not decrease the efficacy of the charge. The reasons behind this myth are linked to cases in which people used low quality knockoffs. When using a sketchy charger all sorts of bad things can happen to your phone, but as mentioned before you don’t want to be using them anyway. If you’re using the manufacturer approved charger and battery, you should be fine using it anytime you want.
Myth: Charging your phone overnight damages the battery.
Truth: Our phones today are smarter than they used to be, when in full capacity they automatically know they should stop charging. However, that doesn’t mean you should have your phone plugged in to the charger all the time. The optimal time to charge your phone in order to keep the battery going long as possible is between 40% and 80%.

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