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10 Superb Things You Did Not Know Your Phone Could Do

3. Use a real password instead of a digit code

The default way of unlocking a phone from the lock screen is by using a 4-digit PIN. As long as it is not super easy and obvious, this is a pretty safe system. But to make it even more secure, you can change this to a set string of characters of your choice, making it more like a password.
iPhone instructions:
Enter Settings, and go toPasscode. Swipe off the option that says Simple Passcode.
Now you can set your passcode to any combination of characters.
Android instructions:
Enter Settings, and go to Screen lock. Here, you can select which level of security you want from the options.
Tap Password and create the password you want, using any characters.
4. Enlarge text

Sometimes, it can be difficult to read what’s on your phone’s screen, especially if your phone is quite small. Resolve this issue by setting the font size of your phone to a larger or bolder one, so it is easier for you to read.
iPhone instructions:
Enter Settings, select General, followed by Accessibility. Turn onBold Text and/or Larger Text, according to your preference.
If you select Bold Text, you will need to restart your phone for the setting to be activated.
Go to Settings, then select Accessibility. Under Vision, select Font Size and set it to Large.
Certain smartphones even offer the option of setting the size toHuge, which is bigger than Large.

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