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Introducing The MacBook Selfie Sticks

MacBook Selfie Sticks Are Even Funnier Than People Taking Photos With iPads
Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a Macbook mounted on a selfie stick. No, we don’t know what these people are smoking. But before you start questioning all of the humanity, we can calm you down – this selfie stick is not for sale. What you see is actually an art project poking fun at society’s obsession with selfies and vanity.
The artists behind the project are Moises (Art404), John Yuyi, and Tom Galle. The photos below show them using their bizarre contraption in New York’s Time Square and Washington Square Park. No artist statement is provided but the project is self-explanatory. We only hope that there won’t be any actual Macbook selfie sticks for sale anytime soon. Or ever.

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