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20 Google Tricks Only Expert Users Know About

These days, we’re so used to having the Internet help us with everything, that whenever your favorite site goes down for maintenance, or otherwise, you simply lose your sh$t! That’s when you start googling “is Facebook down?”, and if you’re lucky Google will show you exactly what you were looking for. But there are times you need to search for something very specific, something extremely obscure… like “what time is sunset today in Miami?”, which will actually show you what you’re looking for (go ahead, try it), but it’s not as efficient as just saying “sunset in Miami”, right? Saves you time, and makes you look more professional (if someone’s watching).
And that’s just one of many neat Google tricks you should know to make your life a lot easier. Let’s see what else this omniscient Internet deity can do!
Set a timer or use it as a stopwatch with “set timer to X seconds/minutes”, or simply use “timer”.

Here’s the sunrise/sunset trick we talked about earlier.

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