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10 Really Insane Gadgets


You may feel comfortable around gadgets like iPods, consoles, tablets or even smart watches but what about some really weird contraptions like brainwave headphones or a selfie stick?
You know what? Scratch that, even monkeys know how to use a selfie stick.
Let’s have a look at these 10 “appliances” that are actually real. Some of them are ridiculous, others – quite ingenious. Which one’s which is up to you to decide!
10) While we’re on the subject of selfie sticks, let’s at least appreciate their novelty. Nobody likes selfies, sure, but if you use this particular gadget, you’ll look like your SO is always there with you, holding your hand. Lovely and kind of sad…

9) Straight out of the Star Wars universe we present you the LED umbrella! If Siths and Jedi lived in our time, they’d definitely use this beauty to shelter from the rain.

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