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Forget Cable TV! Meet The Alternatives


When TV started becoming popular, it was transmitted via radio waves and the quality wasn’t great. Later came cable and satellite TV, offering better quality, more channels and even smart features checking a channels scheduled programs. Now, it’s the turn for the next revolution:

Meet the media streamers – These devices can turn your TV into a “smart TV”, allowing you to install apps, watch streaming high-definition TV shows and Movies, play games, browse the internet and visit Baba-Mail from the comfort of your living room. Want to watch Downton Abby now? Go to Hulu or Netflix. Got an Amazon Prime account? Watch free movies and shows. The possibilities are endless.
The best streamers in the market today:
Amazon Fire TV: ($99)

The Fire TV is Amazon’s official media streamer, it lets you use your Amazon account, and if you’re using Amazon Prime – you can enjoy hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies. The Fire TV’s remote has a built-in microphone you can use instead of a keyboard, and you can also install a remote-control app on your smartphone or tablet if you feel it.

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