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Gorgeous Living Rooms With Black Walls


Color is a gorgeous thing to make a statement, create an ambience or a mood, highlight various touches. Depending on the color you choose, you can achieve various effects and looks, and today we’ll see how to rock black in the interior.

Black is a perfect color because it’s timeless and can blend with any other colors, black will never go out of style. A black statement wall can fit any room, from pop art to Scandinavian, and it will make your interior stand out. It doesn’t mean that your interior will be gloomy, you can go for neutrals or bold color with all the rest of details and decorations. Moody interiors are incredibly trendy now, and if you want to create such a living room, black walls are your choice. They will create a dark and relaxing ambience.

a Scandinavian space done in neutrals and creamy shades, and one black wall for a bold accent, some boho touches

a modern space in neutrals with just one black wall, some desert touches and amber accessories

a chic modern space with a black wall, creamy furniture, walls and a ceiling and cool accessories and details

a black panel wall makes a statement in this space, with neutrals and muted colors, a green sofa and refined artworks

a cool modern space with a black wooden wall, neutral furniture and a black macrame space divider to make it bolder

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