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Endless Super-Desk Seats All 125 Employees


Endless Super-Desk Seats all 125 Employees — The New York based creative agency Barbarian Group has newly designed offices and the amazing, ‘Super-Desk’ in their office. A desk that we could all share out of 4,400 square feet of plywood, is so large that the entire company of all 125 employees to share and keep ideas flowing. The undulating ‘Endless Table’ in an open work space that stretches across a city block. The table surface is resin coated and finished like a surfboard, with a plywood which was flat-pack shipped from its fabrication center in L.A. to the office in New York. The desk features gorgeous lines, archways and cubbies, and is topped with a single unbroken surface created by a continuous pour of resin. The result was this undulating wavelike structure, which has flat writing space on top and plenty of seating and group work areas underneath.

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