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Water Pavilion Invites All To Walk Towards The Ocean

Daniel Valle Architects studio has created a platform of 30,000 meters on water for water pavilion for the Yeosu Expo. This is proposed for the location in South Korea, Whereby the passers can walk inside the ocean water without diving or swimming. The construction is covered by glass to admire the sea and ocean currents. The pavilion is not an architectural object in relationship with the water but rather a nautical construction shaped by the movement of water.

The design aims to raise people’s attention on the ocean and coastal environmental crisis. The pavilion is understood as a boat and therefore it has the flexibility of any other ship. After the expo, the pavilion could remain in its location or travel around the region. This flexibility of movement expands the potential use of it. The future facility for the blue ECO-polios could travel along the region coastline facilitating on site-research. This movement will trigger a potential touristic aspect of the facility.
The thematic pavilion settled in the water invites all visitors for a walk towards the ocean. the visual effect created — seems like walking directly over the ocean. The pavilion includes a water purification system that allows transforming saltwater into freshwater. Sometimes the pavilion is entirely underwater allowing few entrance ways where other times the pavilion rises and “dries” its surface allowing larger events happening in the roof deck.

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