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Norway To Set The Worlds First Floating Submerged Tunnel Project

Norway’s Public Roads Administration (NPRA) has new plans to create world’s first floating submerged tunnel to avoid thousand fjords and lengthy journey.

This structure will be made up of two 1200 meter (4000 ft) concrete tubes each for one direction, floating up to 30 meters (100 ft) below the water surface. The tubes are supported by pontoons on the surface and also it will be bolted to the bedrock for extra stability. On the surface, there will be sufficient gaps to allow the ferries to pass through them.
Currently the time taken by the ferries to travel from Kristiansand to Trondheim (1100 km) is 21 hours due to water obstacles. However this tunnel will reduce the timing to 10 hours and the amount of expenses required will also be low. The 25 – billion project is planned to be completed by 2035, and will preserve the landscape for those who still want to take the scenic route.
The submerged construction will be able to cope with rough weather that is typical for the country, according to NPRA. It will also allow easier access to rural communities. “Having this connection means that people there do not have to wait for a helicopter to go to the hospital,” Minoretti says.


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