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Amazing Cliff House Nestled In The Rocks

A terrifying cool home built into a rock cliff above the Aegean sea rocks the world. This house “Casa Brutale” has been designed by Designers at Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) to be constructed in Beirut, Lebanon.

Casa Brutale, meaning brutal house, is made with wood, glass, and concrete, and is nestled into the rock sitting flush with its face. They have designed in such a way that the roof is a combination of both skylight and glass bottomed swimming pool. The glass roof with pool helps to cool the house. It has a towering glass wall that overlooks the ocean. The 1,938-square-foot home would be accessible by a staircase or elevator. Heat come from thermal insulation from the surrounding ground, and the cooling comes from the swimming pool. In short, Casa Brutale redefines the coexistence of human and nature.

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